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My Stepdaughter the Slut! - kishurex-1 - 15-06-2015 03:59 PM

My Stepdaughter the Slut!

My name is John and I am 58 years old. My wife passed way a couple of years ago. Since then I have spent most of my time alone watching porn and jerking off.

Then my stepdaughter Julie called and asked if she could move in for a couple weeks since she had just left her husband.

Frankly I really did not want to have her around but decided that a couple of weeks would be ok.

Julie did not do much but stay in her room on her computer and go out once or twice a week to see "friends".

One night she went out and I decided to see where she was spending all her time on line. I opened the computer and checked her browser and saw that she spent time on X-Hamster. She had a profile and apparently she spent a lot of time chatting with older men.

I checked out her personal galleries and counted at least a dozen different men with a cock in her mouth or pussy. It turned out my stepdaughter was a nymphomaniac!

I sat there and looked through everything and then jacked off. When I shot my load it was all over her pillow.

The next day she came into the room.

"Julie, I would like a word with you!" I said

"Sure, what do you want?" She said

"You have been living here for a while and I was wondering what's going on with you and your husband? You never told me why you separated." I asked

"It's kind of personal. We still are talking but we have issues." She said in a way to make me feel sympathetic

"I would really like to know what your issues are since you are living here. Perhaps he was having an affair? Or maybe you are?" I asked as I rolled my eyes

She looked at me with her mouth opened.

"Then again maybe he found out just how much you like meeting older men on line and then fucking them!" I said in a knowing way

Julie started to fidget as she tried to think of something to say but then she just turned away from me and started to storm out of the room. I reached out and grabbed her by the ass.
Her young body felt so sexy as she wiggled in my hands. I pulled her close and my hands cupped her wonderful tits. It had been too long since I held a sexy woman. My cock grew hard and rubbed against her ass.

"Come on Julie give me some of that pussy! You know you feel my hard cock rubbing against your ass. You love cock and mine is ready to fuck you!" I said as she struggled to break my hold

My hands played with her ample tits and I could feel her nipples get hard. Then I heard her moan. Sudden instead of trying pull away she rubbed her ass back against my cock. I kissed her neck and then sucked on her earlobe. She moaned loudly.
I turned her around and pushed her on the bed. She fell back and I grabbed her legs and spread them open. She looked up at me shocked.

“Maybe I should get some of this pussy too! After all you like letting old men like me fuck it so much!”
She just looked up at me but with more shock on her face than terror. I pulled aside her panties and for the first time looked at her sweet young pussy. My lust burned in me like an atomic blast. Before I was done I was going to make this little slut mine!
I started to lower my face into her crotch. I could smell her excited pussy. I could hear her protesting as I lowered my mouth to her pussy but I could already smell her excited sex. I could see the juices running down toward her ass. I could feel her trying to push my head away from her pussy but I would not be denied.

She groaned loudly as I started to lap her pussy with my tongue. Almost immediately her body shook with an orgasm. She removed her panties and lay back and opened her legs. Her pussy was slick with juice. She pulled her our lips open and let me see her flower like opening.
"Does daddy like my pussy?" She said with a sexy grin

I did not answer but instead moved my face between her legs. I inhaled the musky smell of her aroused pussy. I slowly inserted my middle finger into sloppy wetness.

I stuck my tongue out and tasted her sweet nectar. Her hips jerked as her fingers gripped my head. It had been too long since I had eaten pussy let alone a sexy young wife.

The thought of licking the married pussy of my stepdaughter just about made me empty my balls.

"Yes daddy! Make my pussy cum! I'll do anything for you!!!"

Suddenly Julie's body shook violently from an intense orgasm! My face was covered with sweet girl juice. I decided to try one other thing. My middle finger found her tight little butt hole and I pushed the whole finger up her ass. An even more intense orgasm hit her. She was screaming with passion unlike any woman I had ever seen.
"Does daddy like my pussy?" She said with a sexy grin
I slowly stood up and looked at her as I undressed. My cock stood out straight as an arrow.
"Do you want to be daddy's little slut?" I asked

"Yes daddy! I have always wanted you ever since I watched you and mom fucking!" She replied

I moved up and lay on top of her as she breathed hard and shuddered with the after effects of having her pussy eaten.
"Oh daddy! I'm a slut daddy! I want to fuck your cock!"

I could feel my stiff cock rubbing against her sloppy wet pussy. I pulled back and looked into her eyes that were in a dream-like state. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. I pushed and felt the head pop into her tight hole. She was even wetter on the inside and warmth felt better than any mouth.

Her head flopped from side to side as she made unintelligent sounds. I pushed felt my cock slide deep into her pussy. Her hands grabbed my ass and I felt nails dig in.

I start to pump her pussy with long deep strokes. Each time my balls slapped against her ass she moaned and each time I pulled back she would whimper. I grabbed her ankles and pinned them over her head and started pounding her pussy as hard I could.

"Fuck me! Oh Yes Daddy! Make your slut!" She screamed

I looked into her eyes and watched as yet another orgasm rocked her! The sheet under us was soaked and I was gasping for air as I fucked like a young man. Julie pumped her hips trying to draw my cock deeper into her. It had been a long time since I had fucked a woman like this.
“Please fuck me doggie style Daddy! If you do I will cum so goooood!” she moaned
I flipped her over and she raised her butt up before me. I watched as she sank three finders deep into her sloppy fuck hole.
“Please Daddy fuck my hot pussy! I need Daddy to love me!”
I moved up behind her and pushed my whole cock up her pussy. Another orgasm hit her and she moaned and whimpered as I pounded her pussy.

“Are you daddy’s little slut? Can Daddy fuck you whenever and wherever he wants?” I asked
“Yes daddy! I’m your whore! I will do anything!” she screamed
I knew that I had this little slut and she would do anything and everything I wanted!
“Get on your knees! Daddy is going to cum on your face!” I groaned
Julie moved to her knees and looked up at me. I could see that she was totally dedicated to pleasing me. My head rushed with the thrill that I now had a little hot married woman ready to please me anyway I wanted. I thought how much fun I would have fucking her tight asshole or how I would make her suck off my friends at my weekly poker game. Hell maybe I would make her find me another woman to fuck after I let her eat the other woman’s pussy getting it ready for her daddy to use.
My balls ached with need to be released soon! I stroked my cock and looked at her pretty face and I knew I was about to shoot.
“Open your mouth slut!” I groaned
Julie’s mouth opened and her tongue came out. My balls jerked and my first load of cum landed on her tongue.

My cock jerked as rope after rope of seamen hit Julie’s face. I watched as she licked and swallowed like a happy kitten lapping cream. I watched as Julie ate every bit of my sperm and as she finished she looked up at me and I knew she wanted more.

"Oh Daddy that was the best fuck I have ever had! This is what I have wanted since I was living with you and mom. I used to hear you make her moan and the I would hear you cum. Every man I have ever been with was measured by that and none of them could make feel this way."

I looked at her and said "So you have two options. First you can divorce your husband and move in with your old dad or you can go home to your husband and come over and fuck your dad. So which will it be?"

(A word from the author; another perverted tale from my degenerate mind. What can I say there is something special about step dads and step daughters. If you enjoyed give it thumbs up and I really do appreciate your comments and thoughts.)