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Making Babies - kishurex-1 - 14-06-2015 07:09 PM

Making Babies

Mary Thoren is the latest to be fucked by my wife Kat. Mary is 47yrs. office manger and mother of two daughters one 17yrs. dark hair sporty and full of life. The other 22 and married doing her best to have a baby but it's not happing yet and she is very down about it. Mary is married to a very important man in the city but as you might guess Kat just don't care about him. So now after six months Kat will pick Mary up for lunch and kiss and feel her up in front of Mary's workers. Two weeks ago Kat stopped by at the end of the day and Mary was sitting with Joanni a 24yrs. who was having man problems and crying to Mary. Kat being Kat told Mary to call home cause she would not be home tonight. Mary knowing not to upset Kat did as she was told and the three went to a motel room after a great supper and lots of wine Kat helped Mary into laying Joanni loaning her Kat's 11&#034 strap-on she spent the night fucking Joanni silly mouth pussy ass over and over. In the morning Kat woke Joanni up and did her best to show the girl that she did not need a man any more. with her mouth stuffed full of cock as her asshole got pile drived hard by Mary and Kat fingered her cunt the girl got the message hard fast and deep. At the office Mary was tired from the night and trying to keep her mind on her work with no luck at all when Kat and me showed up. Mary had seen me a couple of times but never had we done anything. Going into her office Kat told her to get naked looking at me she paused a ...
second and Kat smacked her ass hard yelling now Bitch. Stand there naked Kat pulled out my cock and pushed Mary's head down sucking her best trying not to gag on it Kat talked to her all the while then moving her to her desk and bending her over I rammed my cock in her soaking wet twat and fucked her hard. Walking to the door Kat called Joanni over to her looking in seeing and hearing Mary grunting and moaning from the fucking she was getting. Kat started to undress joanni there in front of the others taking her top off and her bra telling her if she ever saw her with a bra on again she would pay for it! walking around the young girl she undid her skirt and pushed it to the floor swatting her hard on the ass she said THAT GOES FOR PANTIES TOO BITCH taking them off Kat placed them in Joanni's mouth. Mary was yelling out her orgasm then so Kat told Joanni to go clean up her cunt and my cock too. Coming to her boss Mary reached out and jammed her head in her cunt forcing her to lick and suck it clean then she engulfed my cock and sucked Mary's juices and my cum off it. Once done Kat told her the rest of the day she was to remain topless and at the end of the day I would come get her and she would be spending the night swinging on my cock. Joanni started to ask about her boyfriend at home the look Kat gave her shut her up, and we left. I returned about 5 and from about 6 to 10:30 she rode my cock mouth, cunt, and ass all reciving a full load of cum dropping her at her door step with ...

RE: Making Babies - kishurex-1 - 14-06-2015 07:10 PM

all her holes leaking my seed and just as the door opened I turned to
her wrapped her up in my arms and kissed her letting my hand pull open
her top and pinch her nipples he yelled her name so I stopped and in
night I picked her up she was wearing a dress that was almost there her
tits and ass clearly on display the back open to her crack the front to
her bellybutton and next to nothing in between. I could not wait as I
walked her to the car I pulled out my stone hard cock and had her on her
knees in the grass next to the car sucking like a street pro so good
that it wasn't long before I gave her the first of many loads that
weekend. True to my word I brought her home Sunday but, unable to get
enough I bent her over a chair and pounded the ass one last time. Over
the next three months we fucked every weekend and it was then that she

told me that I had given her a baby. She layed down the law to her
sissy boyfriend 1. they would be married before the baby came. 2. she
would be his love all week but, on the weekends she belonged to me
before the baby, After the baby anytime I wanted to see my c***d or it's
mother I could. 3.I had permission to take her any way I wished to but,
he could only have her mouth and pussy never her ass. 4. If he objected
to any of this she would tell his f****y what a piss poor man he really
was. He was mad as hell but after only two days he signed it. 8 months
later she call us saying please come see the baby. So we went entry the
room he sat holding the baby as I walked over and kissed his wife Kat to
kissed her and Kat's kisses are never short or without feelings. Then
he looked at us but got up and laid little Tony in my arms (Tony that is
my name) just then Mary came in took one look at me holding the baby
and like a light just came on pulled out her phone dialed and put it on