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Luck Is A Lady - kishurex-1 - 14-06-2015 06:50 PM

Luck Is A Lady

“Your mind seems to be elsewhere tonight. Is everything alright?” “I’m just thinking about all the bookwork I need to get done this week.” This afternoon’s activities had left my head spinning. I was unsure for whom this tête-à-tête was; Tom or me. I couldn’t help but feeling that Kate wanted Tom and me together. For sure, she had gone first with her boyfriend. She tamed the beast and took the edge off. But it was the way she directed him with me that had me wondering. Her reprimand to Tom kept ringing in my head: ‘You enter a lady respectfully.’ And she made sure he did. Nothing unclean, but very gently, with love. She supervised us up close. She had not the slightest jealousy watching her boyfriend and I get intimate; indeed, she pulled us together. And I thoroughly enjoyed being with Tom. The way he held me in his arms as he kissed me. The awe on his face as I had my way with his girlfriend. How gentle he was. I felt so comfortable with him. But he was Kate’s boyfriend. And I had my own boyfriend. Did I feel better with Tom because he was new? Or because he was so loving and tender? Or that I just plain liked him better? “I know you’ve had a lot of work lately,” Bill sympathized. “We can go back to your house and I’ll help you get some of it done.” I kept wondering if Kate would rescind her invitation once she thought better of it. I hoped she wouldn’t because I was looking forward to being with her and Tom again. I wanted to be a part of Kate’s beautiful intimacy. I ...
wanted Tom’s tenderness again. I wanted Kate to be there to chaperone us. That’s where the guilt came in. I felt guiltier for wanting Kate’s boyfriend than I felt for betraying Bill. A boyfriend is just that: a boyfriend. We had no commitment and were free and unencumbered. But to want your friend’s boyfriend, that was different. I felt like a scoundrel. “Thank you, Bill, but now is not the time. I don’t have the head for that right now. But you can take me home where we can just relax. Maybe watch TV or I can put on a movie. That’s about as deep as I can get right now.” We ended up back home watching a movie in the dark. Bill was truly sensitive to my feelings and wanted to comfort me. He started getting amorous and while I wasn’t an active participant, I didn’t push him away either. He held me affectionately and tried to assuage my turmoil. “You’re very uptight. Lay down,” Bill instructed. I did and Bill started a neck and back massage that wasn’t nearly as good as Kate’s. He undressed me as he continued. He had me totally naked on the couch. His touch was comforting. “I like you better shaved,” Bill said fondly, tugging me. The first time Bill saw me bald he nearly went wild. He couldn’t stop looking and touching and kissing me. He moved to kiss me now. “Not tonight, Bill. I don’t think it’s a good idea.” After that afternoon’s activity I was a bit sore from Tom. “I want to relax you, Laura. Just lay back and let me indulge you. It’s my treat and my pleasure.” I tried to hold ...

RE: Luck Is A Lady - kishurex-1 - 14-06-2015 06:50 PM

him off. “No Bill, don’t…” But it was too late; Bill planted some gentle
kisses on me. I hoped he wouldn’t detect anything as he pulled me open
and gave some tender licks and loving kisses. His refinement was on par
with Kate’s. He emitted some tender sounds as he held me open and
inhaled and kissed and cherished. He was warm and loving and couldn’t do
enough to comfort me. He was being typical Bill: he was the most
compassionate when I was feeling blue. He put his tongue in deeply and
savored his triumph as I gently finished. He then rose and pressed his
success home. He found this very agreeable and was soon done. “I feel
better now. Thanks for the tenderness.” “Anything for the lady. You’re
simply delicious.” I saw Kate the next day. She glowed. Dressed in a
skirt and pumps, flaunting her long legs, she radiated beauty. “Thank
you so much for a wonderful afternoon. Tom says this was his best
birthday ever. He hasn’t stopped talking about it.” “Thank you for
inviting me.” “And you thought you wouldn’t like it. You loved it.” “I
did.” I wasn’t sure if there was a hidden meaning in Kate’s comment.
“What I liked most was your lovemaking. You are the essence of
femininity when you make love. I enjoyed participating in something so
beautiful.” “Aww, thank you, Laura. You’re so sweet. And thanks for the
attention,” Kate replied with a kiss. She lowered her voice to a
conspiratorial tone. “Seeing you and Tom was so tantalizing. Your
lovemaking has the scent of perfume and tastes ...

so sweet. I want it again soon. I want it in my face.” I had the sudden
urge to kiss her. All the previous night and all day I couldn’t get the
picture of her lustfulness out of my mind. I had dreamed of her. I
ached to adore her beauty again. I dropped down on my knees, and
kneeling before her, lifted her skirt. I was animalistic. I yanked her
panties off and one of her pumps came off with them. I attacked. She
backed up toward a chair, losing her other pump, but I kept locked onto
her, following on my knees. I luxuriated in her delicate feminine scent
and sweet taste and rubbed my face in her succulence. She ran her slim
fingers through my hair with one hand and with fingers forked, held
herself open with the other. I held her delicate feet in my hands. She
cooed as I pleased her. It didn’t take long for Kate to arrive at one of
her cute endings. Her toes curled and her voice pitched up as she
quivered and grabbed her breasts. Her pretty face tensed up and she
exhaled profusely through her mouth. Her pleasant secretions bathed my
tongue and lips. When she was done panting I stood, wiping her sweetness
off my lips with my fingers. “Laura, my love. What was that for?” “For
being you. For the love you give me. For the gentle way you treated me
with your boyfriend.” “But you did me the favor. I want us together
again as soon as possible. So does Tom.” She stood. I hesitated, lost
for words. “Kate, I feel funny about that. About Tom and I being
intimate. He’s your boyfriend. He


RE: Luck Is A Lady - kishurex-1 - 14-06-2015 06:51 PM

and I shouldn’t be doing that. I mean, I know you invited me, but I feel
guilty,” I explained as I lifted her panties into place. “Nonsense, my
love. It was my idea. It’s good for Tom and I daresay it’s good for
you,” she said, adjusting them under her skirt. “And it was good for me
too,” she continued. “The attentiveness you showed to Tom and I was
exquisite. You’re coming back this weekend,” she announced, sliding into
her pumps. And I did. This time I was going to make sure Kate finished
first. Kate and I undressed each other, giggling the whole time. I kept
Kate in my clutches and brought her to one of her adorable finishes
while Tom watched. Ladies first. Satisfied, she led Tom to me. Kate
primed me and I welcomed him with a smile. He was the perfect gentleman.
“Is this okay, Laura?” he tenderly asked as he entered slowly. Kate was
holding me open. “You’re so gentle,” I cooed. Tom continued with
respect and was soon fully in. Kate played with my breasts while we made
love, but Tom had my total attention. After some time Kate forced her
head between us and began kissing our lovemaking. “You sweetie,” Kate
said, reaching back and jiggling me. “You are so cute.” She turned to
Tom. “Isn’t Laura a doll?” “A living doll,” Tom agreed. Kate, being our
chaperone, tickled Tom’s scrotum as she tended to me. She knew how to
bring me to completion and Tom and I shared a simultaneous and rousing
finish. Tom remained inside while Kate cared for my hypersensitive
clitoris. She pulled ...

Tom out and licked him clean. With hardly a pause, Kate spun onto her
hands and knees and beckoned Tom. He slid into her from behind and began
a slow cadence. “Pull your knees together, Baby. I want to tighten you
up,” Tom commanded. Kate complied promptly and stretched out her arms in
front of her, lowering her chest to the mattress and displaying her
cute bottom. A confluence of thoughts and emotions consumed me, the
foremost being jealousy, but for whom? Was it my girlfriend enjoying
love with someone else or was it Tom being with Kate, not with me? I
couldn’t blame her; he was her boyfriend, not mine. And I couldn’t blame
him for loving his girl; in fact, for a fleeting moment I wished I was a
guy so I could do that to Kate. Tom pulled out and flipped Kate onto
her back. He put me on top of her, on my back too, and he took turns
entering us. I was in Kate’s arms and she held my boobs scrunched
together. When Tom pulled out of Kate to enter me, I took him by his
manhood and led him to my cleavage. Straddling us, he entered eagerly
and enjoyed. He then alternated between Kate’s and my vagina and my
cleavage. Kate held me tight, her delicate fingers also caressing her
boyfriend. It made a wonderful sight and Tom soon deposited a healthy
orgasm on my boobs. I wore it proudly. We rose. Kate licked most of Tom
off me before pulling him to the very edge of the bed and sitting on his
lap. Her legs were together, inside his, and she put her weight on her
feet. With her behind pushed


RE: Luck Is A Lady - kishurex-1 - 14-06-2015 06:51 PM

out and her hands on her knees she bounced gently on Tom. There she was
again: Aphrodite in the act of love. Her hair spilled over her
shoulders. Tom placed his hands just below her breasts so they would
bounce into his hands. Her abdominal and quadriceps muscles tightened
and relaxed with her movements. Her feet remained planted and her toes
tense, gripping the area rug. She smiled at me in joy and then switched
her legs to the outside of Tom’s, sitting on his lap. She took him in
deep as she placed her feet on Tom’s thighs. She was spread wide. Her
lovely vagina accommodating Tom was a beautiful sight to behold. Her
delicate labia alternately pouted and smiled as she rode up and down.
She consciously used her vagina to stimulate Tom. She continued her
thrusts and with a sly smile, squirmed at me with her index finger. She
pointed down, all of this being out of Tom’s sight. She didn’t have to
ask twice. I fell on my knees and kissed her loveliness. She pulled up
to expose her swollen clitoris and I licked it passionately. Tom’s
manhood was working just below and I pulled him out several times and
took him deep, almost getting my lips to the base of his penis before
returning him home. I was also able to insert my tongue so Tom and I
were sharing space inside Kate. Holding Tom’s scrotum, I focused again
on Kate’s exquisite clitoris and brought her to a delightful finish. In
time Kate arose and kissed me. “Thank you for that, my love,” she
breathed. She turned to face Tom, ...

her left hand holding my right breast. “Tom, don’t move. Would you mind
if Laura sits on your lap? I want to repay the favor. Would that be
alright?” she asked, feigning apprehension. “Fine!” Tom gushed. Kate
moved me to her boyfriend and guided us together. I sat back, leaning on
Tom. His arms enfolded me, drawing me in as he lightly hugged me. My
breasts rested on his left forearm and he rolled his arm
counterclockwise to propel them outward. He buried his nose in my hair,
nibbling my ear once or twice. My legs remained outside his, my feet off
the floor, and he began to slowly thrust his pelvis as he held me. Tom
was soothing, caring, and loving. He held, not squeezed, my breasts,
handling them like precious gems. He kissed my neck. Kate grasped the
mood and followed accordingly with slow, tender kisses. Leaning back on
Tom, in his arms, my head on his shoulder, and Kate’s affectionate
attention, my sensation was reminiscent of Kate’s massages; relaxed,
floating, and dreamy. Kate watched as her boyfriend lovingly pushed and
pulled his erection in and out of me. She held his testicles as she
kissed me. Thoroughly encouraged by Kate, I arrived with energy. Tom
held me while I writhed in rapt excitement. Induced by my exhilaration,
he followed quickly. I was completely spent, emotionally, physically,
and sexually. Tom and I fell back on the bed, joined by Kate. She slid
Tom out of me; he was spent, too. We held him. “That was powerful,” he
gasped. “Three’s a charm,” I added. We


RE: Luck Is A Lady - kishurex-1 - 14-06-2015 06:52 PM

laughed. “You lucky guy,” Kate said. “Two beautiful women to satisfy
you.” “The two best women in the world,” he added. The following day I
met Kate for tea. She hit me with another bombshell. “You and Tom belong
together.” My face fell. “What?” “You do. I’m breaking up with Tom.
He’s yours for the taking.” The shock overwhelmed me and I started
crying. “But why? I didn’t mean to become a wedge between you. I’ll bow
out. No more time with you two.” “It’s not that. I knew from the start
that you were meant for each other. That’s why I introduced you. It’s so
obvious. Tom loves you. He adores you. He’s so tender with you.
Besides, Tom is not the guy for me. He’s too young for me. I need
someone more mature, more worldly.” I felt insulted that she implied Tom
wasn’t mature or sophisticated. “I don’t have the heart to hurt him;
he’s a sensitive guy,” she continued. “So I’m asking for another favor,
Laura. Take Tom. Treat him right. He’s the guy for you; you’re the girl
for him. You two bonded. He’s your soulmate.” I was speechless. I hadn’t
anticipated this. Sure, I liked Tom. But I never intended to be the
cause of a breakup. Even though Kate said it wasn’t about me, I still
felt guilty. I should never have gotten involved. Three truly is a bad
number. “Besides,” Kate continued, “every time you finish, he finishes
with you.” She was right; he did. “And wipe that smirk off your face,
young lady,” she said with a smile. I laughed through my tears. “What
about you?” I asked. “I ...

might have a new guy. A guy I met on vacation last year. He called me
out of the blue and wants to get together. I’m seeing him next weekend.”
Leaving Tom for a new guy? How could she do that? I hid my displeasure.
“Have you told Tom?” “Not yet. I want you there to ease the sadness. If
you’re there and you make it known you’ll be there for him it will
easier for him and me. Do me the favor. Be there for Tom.” I couldn’t
say no. But what about Bill? I’d have to break it off with him. I didn’t
want to hurt him, either. Why does love have to be so complicated? Kate
and I met Tom to break the news. The mood was solemn. Kate disclosed
her plan; she was out, I was in. She didn’t mention anything about the
new guy pursuing her. She just played the part of a lover accepting
defeat graciously. Tom took it stoically. He asked Kate to reconsider,
even offering to end our trysts, but it was obvious her mind was made
up. He requested that she hold no animosity toward me. She answered
truthfully that she didn’t and wouldn’t; she was sincerely happy for us.
She wanted to remain friends with both of us. What I left unsaid was
that there would be no more sharing. The next week Tom and I had our
first date. He was still a bit sad and reticent but he was the perfect
gentleman and behaved like it was our first date. He was punctual and
nicely dressed. He had gotten a haircut and was clean shaven. He made
sure I felt like a lady. He held every door for me and showed total
deference. He’d stand when