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Daddy would you risk getting Your Daughter Pregnant? - Incest - 31-07-2014 04:11 PM

Suzie was 21 today. She had waited for this day for a long time. Finally, no more fake IDs, no more sneaking into bars and clubs with her friends and guys she didn't know. No more stupid bouncers telling her to come back in a few years! The fuckers! She was going to go to every one of those bouncers, dressed to kill, and tease their pricks through their pants, then walk away. Well, she would have if she hadn't accepted the drink from that stud at the first bar she entered anyway. Damn it! He had obviously slipped something into it when he handed it to her because she could tell by the way she was dressed, or was that NOT dressed, that she wasn't likely in that bar anymore! She could feel, without looking, that something was wrong. She couldn't feel her clothes, she COULD feel restraints, and she could feel that she was on a very smooth table of some sort. It felt smooth like glass, and she could hear the whirring and humming of machines, several of them, all around her. She could hear the scratching of a pen or pencil on some sort of paper nearby; she wasn't alone and the person on the other side of the pen wasn't talking.

As she regained full consciousness, she realized that her eyes were covered by some kind of blindfold with a strap holding it tightly to her face. Four of the restraints were oddly padded in fur and held her ankles and wrists outward. Two more restraints, made of leather, held her thighs spread-eagle. There was even leather padding under her head which would keep her from banging it on the table to make noise.

'Wonderful,' she thought to herself, 'finally 21 and I can't even go an entire night without getting into trouble.'

"It wasn't anything you did. We selected you out of all of the women at the bar. You are the chosen one," a voice told her. It sounded like a European woman and it didn't come from the direction of the pen or pencil that was scratching.

'Great, Miss Cleo is here reading my mind while I'm tied to a table, spread-eagle, and semi-conscious. I wonder if she knows who I am,' thought Suzie.

"Suzie, my name is not Miss Cleo, I can read your mind (although I also knew who you were based on your ID), and I do know who you are. In fact, I know everything about you. My name is S.A.M."

"Well, Sam, you obviously know who I am, so I will skip the introduction and ask you a few questions, like why the fuck do you have me strapped to a table, naked, God knows where and what do you plan to do to me?"

"Well, Suzie, I am here to make you happy; I am here to make you feel good; I am here to do you favors."

"What the hell do you mean by that?"

"Perhaps, a demonstration is an order."

The whirring and humming was suddenly replaced by a few beeps and chirps, then louder humming and buzzing. Suzie couldn't see what was happening, but could sense that something was about to happen. Suddenly, the buzzing that she heard seemed to touch her, in a place that she wasn't so sure she wanted touched at that moment, and Suzie jolted at the feeling of a device entering her from between her legs and pressing against her clit. Suzie couldn't do anything to resist due to the restraints and she was forced to accept the lumpy device into her dampening vagina. A warm liquid was then slowly pumped into her from the end and through the small bumps on the shaft of the device. It felt very slick, like some kind of oil, which eased her tension and created a calming effect on her, then warmed further and created some kind of tingling. The device then slowly began to spin inside of Suzie. The bumps spread the lubricant around the walls of her vagina and also stimulated her like the bumps on a dildo might. The device began to pull out slowly, and then push itself back in, creating a sensation of being fucked. Suddenly, Suzie felt another device touching her. It attached itself around her clit and began flicking, sucking, and vibrating on her. Suzie was in awe, a state of ecstasy, and a sense of overwhelming pleasure filled her body. The device inside of her began to pick up speed and, as the rhythm increased, so did Suzie's pleasure. Suzie felt tingling in places that she had never touched herself, places that had never been touched by anyone else, and places that she never knew could be touched. As her body began to rise toward her climax, Suzie was suddenly doused by a torrent of thick, lukewarm liquid and the devices quickly retreated and fell silent.

'Figures,' she thought to herself, 'just like my ex-boyfriend.'

"Yes, I understand what you mean, but you enjoyed it when he used to cum all over you; so, how do you feel now?" asked S.A.M.

"What do you mean?"

"We've just dumped about five gallons of cum all over your body. You should see yourself; you look like a glazed doughnut."

"What do you mean, 'five gallons of cum'? Are you serious?"

"Well, artificial cum. We can't seem to find enough real cum fast enough to use the real thing. I only use the real thing in special circumstances. I'm sure you understand."

"Well, yeah, but..."

Just then, Suzie was interrupted by the reentry of the device into her vagina and the reattachment of the second device onto her clitoris, followed by two more devices attaching themselves to her breasts with suction, pulling them away from her body, then letting them go and starting all over again. Suzie continued to feel that excitement that brought her closer to orgasm, the muscles inside of her began to tense, just as the device inside of her shot a warm liquid inside of her in quick squirts, followed by all of the devices again withdrawing before she could reach orgasm.

"Aaaarrrgh! Why do you keep stopping if you are supposed to be giving me pleasure?"

"You cannot tell me you were not feeling pleasure before the device shot cum inside of you," S.A.M. replied.

"What? It shot cum inside of me?" Suzie cried.

"Not that time, still artificial. That was a mixture of warmed milk and yogurt, mixed to the same consistency of cum. It is perfectly safe for a woman's vagina and can, in fact, be quite cleansing."

"Oh my God, I was so scared. I thought..."

Just then, the table began to shake slightly and a man's body covered hers. A ball-gag was slipped over her head and into her mouth. The man then slowly massaged her entire body from head to toe with his hands, tongue, and every bit of his body. This massage lasted several minutes and Suzie began to relax, feeling that she would not be hurt. Soon, however, the massage stopped and the man slid down between her legs and began to rub the head of his cock along her slit. She could feel his hard cockhead pressing against her opening and slowly, gently sliding in. It felt much larger than the device, much warmer, and much softer. It was pure masculinity and it felt good inside of her. The man it belonged to was extremely gentle as he filled her pussy with himself. He lowered himself completely inside of her and pulled himself up toward her breasts. His hard cock was pulsating slightly as he began a slow, fucking motion. Suzie should have been scared and should have struggled, but she was so frustrated from her lack of orgasm with the devices that she didn't feel anything but desire. She wanted to feel this man inside of her and she didn't care what his intentions were at this point. She simply wanted to feel him bring her to a shuddering orgasm. Suzie did her best to help the man drive himself into her by attempting to bounce herself on the table to meet his thrusts. The man continued to push hard into her as he pinched and sucked her breasts and nipples and kissed her neck. His thrusts became longer and harder as Suzie felt him plunge deeper and deeper inside of her. The man ground his pelvis into her clit as he rocked back and forth on top of her, causing her to quickly approach orgasm; her third attempt in an hour. Suddenly, the man sucked her earlobe into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. It was something that drove her crazy and pushed Suzie over the edge. Her entire body tensed as she began to cum harder than she had ever cum before, her own cum leaking from her pussy and all over the man's cock which was still pummeling her. She hadn't felt this good in quite a while and her body was quickly stirring again. The man atop of her continued to pound her pussy and made her feel as though she was about to burst. Soon, she was sweating again and was just beginning to cum when she heard the man grunt her name...

"Suzie, my love! I'm going to cum inside of you!"

Suzie's eyes got wide and she couldn't help but shut them as she felt him explode inside of her, causing her to cum as well as she felt her father's cum splatter the inside of her womb and almost certainly impregnating her. As they both lay there, winding down from their orgasms, Suzie was confused. When her father removed the gag, Suzie had several questions.

"Why, daddy? Why did you do this? Why did you cum inside of me?"

"Suzie, I got a call last night from the bartender telling me that you were passed out at his bar and that you had been drugged. I've been working on this machine, S.A.M., for quite a while and I figured that I needed to test it on, why not you? I wanted to teach you a lesson for getting yourself in trouble by making you think you had been kidnapped and I wanted to seduce you with the machine so that you would always know that you could have fun at home, but then I saw how beautiful you were when you were being covered in the artificial cum, how incredible you looked being filled with more artificial cum and how much you seemed to enjoy being fucked, and I couldn't help myself; I had to have you myself."

"But, Daddy," Suzie asked again, "why did you cum inside of me? I completely understand everything else you felt, but why would you risk getting me pregnant?"

"Three reasons, Suzie: First, you have to learn your lesson for being so irresponsible, and second, I want to test S.A.M. on a pregnant woman, and third..., well, I want to drink the milk from your breasts. Surely you will let me do that?"

"Oh, Daddy, I wish that you had asked me first! I would have enjoyed this so much more! But I did enjoy the thrill of the unknown and I would love to be your sexual guinea pig! Just promise me that you will never hurt me, Daddy!"

"I'm sorry, Suzie, I can't do that. In about 9 months, you're going to kill me when you are pushing that baby out of you."

"Daddy, who is Sam?"

"S.A.M. is an acronym for 'Sexually Aggravating Machine'. It can tell when you are aroused to the point of climax, and then it shuts itself down instantly and tries to degrade you by cumming on or inside of you. I gave it a female's voice to try to soothe the user into believing that everything will turn out fine."

"Daddy, I think I know who I want you to use S.A.M. on next!"

RE: Daddy would you risk getting Your Daughter Pregnant? - Incest - 31-07-2014 04:12 PM

Following Suzie's first encounter with S.A.M. and her father, Suzie had two obsessions. The first obsession was to be with her father whenever possible. The second was spending as much time with her little sister, Katie. Katie was a very prim and proper young lady. Three years Suzie's junior, Katie was a typical nerd in the sense that she would rather have her face buried in a textbook than a face buried in her crotch. Suzie was sure that her 18 year old little sister was a virgin in every sexual sense of the word; she would bet every dime that she had that Katie had never been kissed but innocently by a visiting relative or her parents. Katie was the extreme opposite of Suzie's partying, dancing, and drinking; Katie was anti-social, but she was also a good-looking girl. If Suzie could help it, Katie would be the next to meet S.A.M. and Suzie would be there to witness it all.

"Katie, can I get your advice?" Suzie asked, holding up two dresses, one white and almost completely sheer, the other a shimmering red number that screamed 'I want sex'.

"Why do you ask me? You know you hate the way that I dress. The only time you've ever asked to wear anything of mine was the pair of jeans with the tear in the seat after those bitches at school yanked the back pocket off," Katie replied.

"You're right, and I still can't believe that you didn't want those. Those are awesome jeans, but right now, I guess I want to know which one you would never wear in a million years."

"Well, the white dress is rather sheer, but that can be overcome with a slip, so I would have to say that the red one with the neckline that goes down to your nipples and the hem that ends just past your crotch would be my least favorite."

"I should have known; you can take a perfectly good sheer dress and turn it into something you would be able to wear to church, but you can't do anything with a high hem or deep cleavage, can you? Thanks, the red dress it is! Any chance you'd like to come with me tonight? It should be a wild one! I heard that there will be a few freshmen from the football team at the university there!" offered Suzie.

"No, thanks, but I have plenty to do here. Besides, Daddy and I are still planning on going swimming later, barbecuing, and watching a movie. I'm actually surprised that you are turning him down," Katie replied.

"Yeah, well, I spend plenty of time with Daddy. I just need to spend some time with my friends tonight. Have fun with Daddy though!"

Suzie turned and left the room, her thong-covered ass jiggling as she went. Katie just shook her head and returned to the romance novel in her hand. She longed for the day that she would experience what Suzie and the characters in her book were experiencing, but she would never stoop to the level that Suzie went to and the characters in her book were just characters. Things like that never happened like they were written in romance novels. They were just the dreams of the author scrolled down on paper and shared with millions of other readers. In real life, women like her mother left their husbands with two school-aged kids for a career in another part of the world. In real life, the woman gets left for a younger, better looking woman after 10 years of marriage like her older cousin was. In real life, guys were jerks and women had to be sluts to keep a man interested for more than a month; God forbid they should become pregnant. Men never seemed to stay with a woman whom he'd made pregnant anymore. She had several friends her sister's age that had done everything to keep their men happy, only to wind up pregnant and alone. Those who didn't have abortions now had at least one kid and only one of the girls ever married the man who knocked her up; they now had five kids and she was only 22 years old! Katie wanted children, but there was no way that she was going to get involved with anyone unless he could treat her with dignity and respect and could prove that he could be counted on to raise a family with her, much like her father had raised his daughters.

Suzie, leaving her sister's room, went immediately down the hall to her father's in-home office. He was working on more programs for S.A.M. and was surprised to see his oldest daughter walk in wearing only a black thong.

"Daddy," Suzie began, "how close are you to being finished with the new programs for S.A.M.?"

"Honey, I am about half-way finished. Do you have anything else for me?"

"Yes, Daddy; Katie said she absolutely hates this red dress, but she also doesn't like the white mesh dress because it is so sheer. She says she likes the white one more because she can wear a slip under it to keep it from being so sheer."

"Ok, we'll have to do something special then, and I have the perfect idea, anything else?"

"Yeah, I told her that I was going out, so now we will have an excuse for my expanding belly when I start to show that I am pregnant. I will just say that I got knocked up at the 'party' that I'm not going to attend. That way, I can help you later."

"That sounds like a good idea. I think I'll take you up on the offer. Do you remember how to get to the lab?"

"Yes, Daddy, I know exactly where it is and I know how to get into the building."

"Fine, go there now and wait for me. Stay out of sight and don't touch S.A.M. or anything else in the lab. Go into the control room and wait there until I get there."

"Ok, Daddy, good luck. I'm going to get ready and I'll see you there. I have my cell phone on if you need me."

Before she left, Suzie reached down and grabbed hold of her father's hardened cock and kissed him hard and passionately. Her father reached up and grabbed a handful of breast and returned the kiss, then reached back and spanked a bare cheek, sending her on her way. Suzie took both dresses into her bedroom with her, but slipped on a plain white T-shirt and a short denim skirt, ankle socks, and her deck shoes, left the white dress on her bed, and took the red dress with her to her car. On her way out the door, Suzie shouted, "Good bye", and was gone.

When Katie could smell the steaks cooking on the grill, she put down her book, changed into her white bikini, and went into Suzie's room. Spying the white, sheer dress, she thought to herself, 'why not now?' Katie slipped the sheer white dress over her head and was amazed when she looked in the mirror. With the exception of her hair being up, she looked like a slightly younger version of her sister. In fact, she could have even been mistaken for Suzie when she took her hair down and quickly brushed it out. The bikini could easily be seen through the dress, but it looked absolutely marvelous on her and the matching white of her bikini did not appear as indecent as Katie had thought it would. The question was, what would her father think?

Katie headed out the back door and onto the patio. Her father was in the spa with a glass of red wine and, when he noticed his daughter walk through the door in the white dress and her white bikini, it was all he could do to hide his erect Speedo.

"Hi, Daddy," Katie called out, "the steaks smell great! I hope that it tastes as good as it smells!"

'Oh, I'm sure you'll like the taste of my meat, Katie,' he thought to himself.

"It should be ready shortly, Kitten, get that dress off and get into the pool before we eat," he said aloud.

"Do you like it, Daddy?" Katie asked.

"Absolutely," he replied, "you look absolutely stunning. Now, take it off and put it inside and get in here!"

Katie let the dress slide down her tall, thin body and onto the ground, then gave it one quick fold and tossed it onto a chair in the house, walked to the diving board of the pool on the opposite side from the spa, and dove in head-first. Katie then swam over to the other side of the pool and pushed herself up out of the water, giving her father a good view of her wet, barely-covered body as she climbed out and then slid into the spa with her father. If she could have seen through the shimmering on the water, she might have noticed the bulge in her father's Speedo grow to full length as quickly as she hit the water. Katie sank to neck-deep in the warmer water and her knee brushed against her father's thigh, causing him to jolt at her touch. He hadn't really thought about her as a sexual being until Suzie got drugged in that bar and he decided to try S.A.M. on her. From the point that he and Suzie had finished in his lab and Suzie nominated Katie as his next trial, she was all he could think about. Now, he had to find a way to get Katie into his lab, and tonight was as good a night as any.

Katie, for her part, was playing right into his lap. It almost seemed as if she was trying to seduce him herself! He knew that the white dress had been her idea as Suzie had not mentioned it when they had talked earlier. Now, she was in the spa with him and he couldn't take his mind off of her to cook their dinner.

"Are you okay, Daddy?" Katie asked, "You didn't answer me."

"I'm sorry, Kitten, I was thinking of something that I need to do at the lab. I have a big project that I am working on and I need to run more tests on it; I was just trying to think of how I was going to get them completed."

"Well, I'm pretty good in my physics class at school, Daddy. Is it anything that I can help you with? Maybe we could skip that movie and take a look at it tonight!"

"Are you sure, Kitten? This was supposed to be my night with you."

"Yes, Daddy, I have always wanted to see what you do all day, and I would be happy to help you with your projects in any way that I can! Hey, maybe you could use me as an assistant after I graduate!"

"That would be great, Kitten, as soon as we finish here, I will call over to the lab and make sure that we have access to my project. Don't worry about getting all dressed up either. This is a special project that is designed to be used by anyone and it is almost ready for production, so it needs to be tested as if it is being used by a consumer."

Katie was full of anticipation at being able to see her father's lab. She had never been told anything about any of the projects that he had ever worked on, only that he was a scientist and that he loved his work and, based on their lifestyle, she knew that he got paid good money for the work that he did.

After dinner, which included Katie and her father finishing off the bottle of wine, Katie slipped the dress back on and the two of them headed for her father's lab. On the way to the lab, Katie and her father talked about Katie's future.

"What do you plan to do about school, Katie? You are graduating this year and we've never really talked about where you wanted to go to school next year."

"I don't know, Daddy. I want to stay here with you and Suzie, so I was thinking of going to school nearby and working with you if you will let me. Maybe you can put in a good word with your company for me and I could help you with whatever you are working on."

"Well, Katie, that might be possible, but we can talk more about that later tonight after you see what I am working on."

"Okay, Daddy."

"There's the lab up ahead. Are you excited to see it?"

"Yes, Daddy, I've never seen where you work or anything that you have done. I am looking forward to helping you tonight."

"I'm looking forward to working with you too, Kitten, and I hope that you have fun working with my machine."

They pulled into a parking place near the front of the building; fortunately, Suzie had parked around the back as her father had told her to do when he called to "make sure they had access to the building" before leaving home. When Katie entered the lab, she was awestruck. There, in the center of the room, was a large, smooth-as-glass table with a few soft restraints on it, as well as a leather headrest with a strap. Above the table was a very large metal machine with a few panels on the side. The machine had the name S.A.M. on the side.

"What does 'S.A.M.' stand for, Daddy?"

"I will tell you afterward, Kitten, it will spoil the fun if I tell you now."

"What does the machine do, Daddy?"

"Well, Kitten, it interprets your thoughts and responds to them. You can carry on a conversation with S.A.M. while you are laying there. S.A.M. can read your thoughts and tell you what you are thinking!"

"Wow, Daddy, that is cool! You could use this as a lie detector in court, couldn't you?"

"Well, that is one thing that the technology could be used for, but not before we have tested it. Are you ready, Kitten?"

"Yes, Daddy, what do you need me to do?"

"First of all, take off the dress and lie there in your bikini while I strap you in. The less you move, the less interference there will be for S.A.M. and the more S.A.M. can do."

As Katie removed the dress, her father turned on S.A.M. and began pushing a few buttons on one of the panels. The lights dimmed and Katie took her place on the table, excited to be a part of her father's project and thrilled with anticipation of the unknown. Katie's father began strapping her to the table. Everything seemed normal until Katie's father placed the leather straps across her thighs, causing her to spread her legs wide, and then undid the strings on her bikini.

"Daddy, what are you doing?!" Katie asked in a panic.

"Don't worry, Kitten, S.A.M. works better when there is nothing in the way."

"In the way of WHAT, Daddy?!"

"Just relax, Kitten, I'm going to put this blindfold over your eyes and strap down your head so that you won't wiggle too much. Everything is going to be fine."

"Daddy, please, what is going to happen?"

"I've already told you, Kitten, S.A.M. is going to interpret your thoughts and react to them. Now," he said, as he pushed the last few buttons to turn on S.A.M., "

Say 'Hello' to S.A.M."

"Hello, Katie," S.A.M. began, "it is good to meet you."

"S.A.M., what are you going to do to me?"

"I will read your thoughts and use the information to make you happy."

A whirring and humming began and Katie tensed up every muscle in her body in anticipation of what was about to happen. The air began to warm and a device like a rolling pin began lightly rolling over the top of her body as S.A.M. spoke softly to Katie.

"Katie, why are you afraid of me?"

"Well, perhaps it's because I'm strapped to a table with no clothes on and no idea what you are going to do to me!"

"Katie, just relax. I am here to give you pleasure, not pain."

At that moment, Katie felt a very cold object inserted into her vagina; it felt like ice being applied to her hymen.

"How am I supposed to relax when I have something trying to freeze my twat?!"

"It is an ice cube. I am numbing your hymen before we begin. I know that you are a virgin and this is the best way to freeze the nerves and reduce the pain."

"Daddy, I thought that there wasn't going to be any pain!"

"Katie, there is always a little pain with a woman's first experience with sex but, after the pain comes incredible pleasure," S.A.M. replied.

Katie heard some humming, then felt something attach itself to her clitoris and begin pulling slightly by using suction and releasing. The sensation felt like someone was grabbing her clit between their lips or knuckles and letting it slide through. This continued for several seconds until Katie felt something pressing against her hymen, and then slowly inched past with very little pain. The bumpy shaft of the dildo-like object slid into her and rubbed against her inner walls, secreting a warm, oily substance which heated up her vagina and caused a mild tingling inside of her. Katie was shocked and amazed at how nice this felt and wondered if sex with a man felt this way. She had never been touched this way by anything, neither human, nor device, but she was learning quickly that she loved this. The device inside of her began a piston-like in-and-out motion to simulate intercourse and the device on her clit was now vibrating. The other object that felt like a rolling pin was long gone, but it was replaced by two objects that had begun stimulating her breasts with more suction and release and pulling motions. The sensations had Katie in a state of bliss and she was quickly approaching orgasm when she was suddenly doused by a warm, sticky substance and the devices disappeared.

"Oh my God, that was incredible! Oh, S.A.M., why did you stop like that and what is this stuff all over me?"

"That stuff is simulated ejaculate. It is an artificial version of a man's cum in an extremely high dosage. It was simulating the Japanese sexual fetish called 'bukakke'."

With that, Katie heard more humming and was shocked to feel the device re-entering her. The device began spinning inside of her and the bumps rubbed directly against her clit. This drove Katie crazy and she was very close to cumming, when she suddenly felt the device stop and shoot more of the oily substance from its tip, deep inside of her womb. This got Katie very frustrated.

"Hey, S.A.M., I'm having some fun here, but every time I start to feel good, you stop and douse me with something!"

"That is correct. That, too, was simulated ejaculate."

"But why do you keep stopping?"

Meanwhile, back in the control room, Suzie and her father were enjoying the show.

"What comes next for her?"

"Well, Honey, she gets two of those dildos with the liquid; one dildo will go into her twat, the other will go into her ass."

"Oooh, I wish I could try THAT one!"

"Suzie, you can try any of them you like! S.A.M. is for you and Katie to enjoy. As soon as I can find a company to sell these, we'll never have to work again! Imagine every housewife having something like this in her basement or in a spare room. All of the bondage-lovers will want one in their dungeons! This thing will probably make a few third-world dictators very happy! It is also very low-maintenance and very durable. You can completely randomize it, over-ride the stopping mechanism if you don't want S.A.M. to stop when you are on the verge of cumming, you can replace the artificial cum with the real thing when your husband or boyfriend are away (S.A.M. will keep it at just the right temperature to keep the sperm alive), it can be programmed to work on men or women in either the full-pleasure or torture modes, and S.A.M. is self-cleaning."

"Daddy, now that I'm pregnant, can I continue to use S.A.M.?"

"Yes, Suzie, S.A.M. can be programmed to be as gentle as you want. S.A.M. can be programmed to do several dozen functions in any order, or in a random order. You can program S.A.M. to do a random list and cum inside of you as the final item."

"Oh, Daddy, it sounds wonderful but, to be honest, I'd prefer the real thing over the artificial."

RE: Daddy would you risk getting Your Daughter Pregnant? - Incest - 31-07-2014 04:12 PM

Suzie ran her hand over her father's Speedo and pulled at the waist, baring her father's hardened cock. They continued to watch Katie go through another deluge of artificial cum, then Suzie pulled off her father's Speedo and engulfed her father's cock.

"Oh, Suzie, that feels so good! I wonder how Katie will react to her first taste of cum. I've set S.A.M. to signal when the oral cycle comes up. I want to see her face when she tastes it."

"Oh, God, Daddy, you are really going to have Katie drink your cum from S.A.M.? That sounds so hot!" Suzie said as she pumped her father's cock, and then took him down her throat.

Just as her father was about to cum, Suzie heard a click and saw a light cum on.

"Wait, Honey, it's time to watch your sister get her mouth full of cum!"

The artificial cock was in Katie's mouth while another was deep inside of her vagina and a third was working its way in and out of her ass. Katie, for all she was worth, was trying her best to deal with all of the pleasure she was feeling, followed by all of the frustration she was feeling, and she was starting to crack. All of the pent up frustration was fueling her desire for orgasm and she didn't really care who or what gave it to her.

Back in the control room, her father flipped a switch, turning on the volume in the lab so that he and Suzie could listen to Katie's reaction to tasting her first taste of real cum.

A few seconds later, the cocks inside of Katie's ass and vagina withdrew and the third filled her mouth with her father's cum. Katie swallowed every drop as the third cock retreated.

Katie licked her lips and shouted, "That was great, S.A.M., what was that?"

"That, Katie, was your father's cum."

"My, what?"

"Your father's cum. That was not artificial, that was the real thing."

"Oh my God, I just drank my own father's cum? And I liked it."

"Yes, you did, and I can tell by your thoughts that you want more."

"Oh God, you're right, I do want more. I want more of my daddy's cum. I don't just want to drink it though, I want to wear it."

S.A.M. then dropped the artificial cock back toward Katie's face and shot an entire facial load of cum on her pretty face. It stuck to her forehead, her blindfold, her nose, cheeks, chin, and lips. Katie licked off all that she could, and then she heard another click. Someone then climbed up onto the table and began licking the rest of the cum off of her face.

"Hello again, Suzie, have you come to play?"

"Yes, S.A.M., but let me get Katie off, then I'm yours to abuse!"

"You're going to get me off?" Katie asked, amazed that her sister had actually been there at all.

"I'm going to take you off the table, but Daddy can get you off if you'd like," she suggested as she removed Katie's blindfold. "He's there, in the control room, and he was extremely excited to see you drink his cum and ask for more!"

"Then untie me, I want him to make me cum, hard!"

Suzie quickly undid all of the straps, then removed all of her own clothing as Katie eased herself off of the table and headed for the control room. Her father met her halfway, picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the control room. Suzie, meanwhile, told S.A.M. that she was ready to continue where her sister left off. She was immediately filled with an artificial cock in the ass and another in her pussy, both of which filled her with her father's cum when she had approached her orgasm. Her sister had been that close to getting impregnated by S.A.M.!

Back in the control room, Katie's father sat naked in his office chair as Katie squatted down and straddled him face-to-face, sliding his cock deep inside of her formerly virgin pussy. Katie could not help but take the lead and began bouncing hard on her father's cock. Her father leaned back, but kept his arms around his daughter's waist as she took his cock as deep as she could.

"Daddy," Katie asked as she continued to bounce on his lap, "when did Suzie get here?"

"She's been here the whole time, Kitten. There's something that you should know. Suzie is pregnant with my baby and it was her idea for me to bring you here. She felt that it was about time for you to experience sex and thought that S.A.M. was the only way to introduce you gently to everything that sex can be. Are you mad?"

"Daddy, I was mad at first; I was saving myself for my first husband but, when S.A.M. took my virginity, I just didn't care about it anymore. I just wanted to get off that table when I found out what S.A.M. was and I wanted to beat you senseless. Now, I just want to fuck you senseless. I!"

With that, Katie exploded on her father's cock and squirted artificial cum, and some of her own, all over her father, then collapsed into his arms. Her father, still completely hard and deep inside of her, kissed every inch of her face and neck, caressed her back, and fingered her ass until Katie was burning with passion again.

"Daddy, I love you so much. I love you, I love Suzie, and I think that S.A.M. is incredible. But, Daddy, I'm jealous of Suzie; I want you to get me pregnant too. I want to feel your cum filling my womb and I want to feel your baby inside of me. I want to wake up to your kisses and fall asleep covered in your cum. I want to taste you, feel you, touch you, and hear you telling me how much you love me. Make love to me, Daddy! Cum inside of me and make me your lover. Give me, your own child, your child!"

"Kitten, you are so wonderful, I will give you as many as you want! I want to give both of you as many as you want! I want to have a house full of children with you both! Come on, let's leave Suzie here to play with S.A.M. and let's finish this in my bed at home!"

When Katie and her father returned home, her father lifted Katie into his arms, carried her into the bedroom, removed her bikini, and licked every inch of her body. Through the entire ordeal at the lab, Katie had never felt a feeling quite like her father's tongue stuffed deep into her pussy and her father promised her that he would lick her there every night if she wanted. Her cum tasted like warm butter and he wanted to drink every drop that she would give him. He finally slid up her body and gave her a warm and loving kiss as he slid the tip of his cock into her. She was beside herself in passion and hungrily kissed her father as he plunged deeper and deeper into her. The moonlight shown through the windows and the shadows danced with their silhouettes as they fucked harder and harder. Finally, they both came hard and, for the first time, Katie felt a man filling her with his seed; his cum overflowing her as her body splashed her own cum onto him. Her mind was full of thoughts as her womb was filled with seed and one reached her egg and a child began to grow inside of her.

Somewhere, in a lab not far away, Suzie could be heard screaming, "Yes, S.A.M., fill me with my daddy's cum again! Give it to me!"

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