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Best Incest Sin Story of a Dad and Daughter - Incest - 31-07-2014 06:46 PM

We were drowning in the heat of July as the sun was beating down since early morning. Some time in the after noon my friend showed up and we were prancing about in and out of the pool. Erica had been my friend from when I was young, now we were closer than ever. I did have many friends just none so close as Erica.

I could hear my parents talking loud from the kitchen as they made their usual disagreement. Then as clock work I hear mom's car take off from the driveway. Erica and I became kind of quiet and unable to hear the whole situation knew what was going on.

Erica who was more man wise than I says, "Kay, I don't get it. Why is your mom so stupid? Your dad is a fine piece of meat and she is off constantly with another guy. I wish I could have your dad, I would let him do anything he wanted to me and beg for more." Erica was holding onto the other side of stair hand railing at the edge of the pool.

I knew it was no big secret as to my mother's infidelity that did not take me by surprise. It was the way she was describing my dad. I knew she was right, but I never really thought about it. My dad had been the only dad I knew since I was young. He was not my biological dad but was dad for every sense of the word to me. I suppose part of the reason he was so attractive to my friends was he was not old and crusty. Actually he was much younger than my mom but still older than me by twelve years.

As painful as it is to admit my dad was more to me than my mom was. He had always made time to do things, and never barked about my mistakes. He took the time to talk to me about my life and always came to events in my life. We would always spend time together even if it was something trivial. My mother never seemed to have time she was off here and there and her career was more important than anything.

"Kay, Kay," Erica was trying to get my attention from staring into the pool water, lost in my thoughts. "Look your dad is out on the deck in swim trunks. Do you think he needs me to put some sun lotion on his tender skin?" Reaching down between her legs Erica lowered her hand into her bikini bottom. With her other hand she rubbed her chest flashing her nipples to me in the privacy of the pool.

I watched her for a second and said, "Get real - my dad is not going to have anything to do with a silly girl even if you are eighteen. Just face the fact before you make a fool out of yourself. He likes older women."

Erica says, "I know but I can dream."

I say, "Yeah, go ahead and dream all you want just don't do anything dumb." Looking back over at my dad now reclined. His skin rippled over the firm muscles in his stomach and his chest heaved every time he breathed. My own thoughts were suddenly wrong as I looked and noticed for the first time the slight bulge at his groin where the thin material settled over his privates. He was not aroused only displaying what he was, a man.

Erica up to no good again says, "Do you think your dad would notice if I pull my bottoms over like this and go say hi?" Sliding her bikini bottom so it was lopsided and half over her shaved pussy. Erica stands up on the stairs so her body is out of the water.

I slap her leg hard and with a tone of grieving anger I say, "Cut it out!"

Erica squats back down to the water and says, "You know I am only teasing, I wouldn't do that." Sticking her tongue out in a sexual way lifting and lowering it, looking over at my dad.

I say, "I know you're a chicken shit, I wasn't too worried. Besides he wouldn't notice he is too much in love with that bitch he married." Pushing off the steps to flutter back in the water.

Erica says, "Chicken?" And stands up briskly and saunters over to my dad. I can see for the brief moment Erica still has the bikini way off the covering of her pussy as I could look while her thin legs exited the pool, between her steps and ass swing I had a glimpse of her pussy. The way the dark blue bikini bottom contrasted with her light white skin it was undoubtedly noticeable to see the material was significantly out of place. I wanted to yell at her but the time was too late.

I don't know why but I was extremely aroused just watching to see if my dad would notice. I felt my pussy tingle as I watched her approach dad.

His eyes remained closed until Erica said standing right near his face, "Excuse me Mr. Ross I think you might be laying on my towel?"

I watched intently as dad lifted his head and with no mistake stopped and looked at Erica's exposure. Stumbling for a word he finally said, "Uh, no sorry not here" Fixated at the young body right in front of him, he took his time and no doubts was checking her out. From the slight rise in his shorts before he covered himself with placing both legs to the deck pulled the towel between his legs from the lounger and laid it over his groin.

I was unaware at first that I was now feeling my self and even being in the pool I was wet. My heart throbbed in excitement and disbelief. I thought my God how can she be so bold and to my dad. My feelings overwhelmed me, almost like I was scared of his reaction.

Erica was being relentless to my dad. She stood there and looked around then asked, "Do you mind if I use this towel." Pointing to the one now covering his wood.

My dad thought, taking his time to answer. Obvious to me he was trying to delay Erica as long as he could without making a notion of her evident, perhaps mistakenly exposure. I could see his lips biting down as his brow flexed slightly then with a smile he says, "Oh your towel is on the other chair." Pointing across the patio.

Taking a wide side step as if to look stupid Erica paused and glanced about, giving a tiny sway to her belly and hips. This spread her tiny legs making her pussy almost hang from the center of her thin little legs as the muscles arched from her inner thigh to her crotch. Then with a giggle she says, "Oh thanks I didn't even see it." Erica then walked slowly over to get it.

My dad's eyes never parted her ass. I could only imagine what he was watching but had a good idea. Then I exited the pool and met up with Erica and dried off be fore we both entered the kitchen to get something to eat. Closing the door behind me, I looked at her with a frown smile and said, "You're bad!"

Erica says, "So at least I am not a chicken. Who is the chicken shit now? That's right you baby girl!" Taking a bow toward me with her face right in mine, as she stole a piece of cheese I was cutting up.

I looked at her with no reply then as a minute passed by I asked. "Why all of a sudden did I become the chicken? You know I am not the chicken." With a dumb look of question as to say you can't be real.

Erica twirling about the kitchen stops and leans against the counter. With a big grin she says, "Oh yeah like you could top that? You know he was looking at what I got" Wiggling her hips in a rude gesture toward me.

I was getting perturbed at her now and snipped back, "Why would I he is my dad, you wouldn't be doing that to your dad."

Erica taking another piece of cheese haughtily says, "Who said I wouldn't, Besides he is not like your biological dad, and come on even you have to admit he is fine looking. It is not like he is going to have any thing to do with either one of us, you said it your self. So what do you care it is just a little bit of harmless fun. Besides it is a thrill to know your good looking enough to get a man like him to look."

I looked back at Erica and replied, "So why bother?"

Erica turned so her back was leaning over the counter then said, "Kay you know we have done many things together, private things so I will tell you, because you are my best friend. Standing like that in front of your dad was the most erotic thing I have ever done."

I turned and said, "I'm listening."

Erica spoke, "I am not sure how to describe it but my pussy was on fire." Sticking her tongue out and mock biting it.

Squinting puzzled I ask, "Like how?"

Erica said, "I was a little nervous at first, but when ever your dad looked and looked again. My pussy wanted to just start dripping. It was a good thing I was dripping wet to begin with."

I inquired, "Are you trying to say you came?"

Erica says, "No not like that it was wet like that, but it felt like my lips were going to burst open and drip right in front of your dads eyes."

I wondered and asked out of curiosity, "But you looked so calm. I thought I was more nervous than you." As I pulled out a bunch of crackers and placed them around the cheese dish.

Erica replies, "My God I am still dripping over it." Moving her bikini to the side moved her hand over her vulva and was pushing in on her pussy and clit. I slapped her arm and said, "Stop that, don't do it in the kitchen, not in front of me."

Erica smiles, "Why it is not like you have never seen it before and who is going to walk in your dad? Remember no one else is home and I don't think mother is about to stop what she is doing right now and come home, do you?"

RE: Best Incest Sin Story of a Dad and Daughter - Incest - 31-07-2014 06:47 PM

I stammered a response, "You know I don't care if you frig yourself in front of me. It won't be the first time. Sure it won't be the last either, you horny thing. Just I know your doing it thinking about my dad. Since when has my dad become an obsession with you?"

Erica showing me just how wet she was by a display of her drenched fingers says, "You know I have had the hots for your dad, hell which of our friends doesn't? Today was different I don't know why I was just horny to see if he noticed me. Now it is like I can't get enough." Having told me that, Erica suddenly became quite quiet.

I took her hand and ran it under the cold sink water, handed her a towel. Then after looking at her almost feeling embarrassed for sharing her feelings with me. I kissed her on the lips with a light peck and gave her a dear hug with a sincere look I said, "I am glad you are my friend. No one else would ever be as honest with me as you are. I will tell you I became horny too, but I don't know how to feel. It's different when we, you know do things thinking about James or Matt, but I am not sure I want to masturbate to thoughts of my dad. Even though it turned me on to see him interested in someone other than my mother.

Erica says, "Fine I wait till later to do that, but come on you have to do something even a little something please! Please, please, please pretty please!"

I looked at Erica like she was nuts and asked, "Like what?"

Erica says, "I don't know, but it can't be too obvious or he will know after the fine display of courage earlier." Then Erica began tweaking my right nipple to make it grow under the thin material.

I didn't really care as it was cold in the house with the A/C running they were about as hard as they can get anyhow. Picking up the plate I said, "Grab your drink and mine and come on. I will think about it, but I wouldn't hold your breath if I was you."

Out on the deck Erica opened the umbrella as I placed down the plate and yelled, "Hey dad want some cheese and crackers?

Dad sat up and said, "Sure!" Taking a minute to adjust his eyes to the sun.

I spoke up and asked, "What would you like to drink, Coke, Ginger ale, Lemonade, Beer."

He said, "Coke will be fine Hun."

Erica grabbed my arm and said, "I'll get it!" Then made way quickly to the house, and in record time came back. Placing the glass in front of my dad's chair on the table.

He looked back at Erica with a quick glance of her entire body, as he stood behind his chair saying, "Thanks dear, you know someday you are going to make a good wife to some lucky guy. Now if you fine ladies will excuse me I need to make my way to the boy's room I shall return in a jiffy."

As soon as dad entered the house Erica let out a sigh all dreamy eyed. I don't know why but it bothered me, as I sat down quietly.

A moment later dad came back out and planting a kiss on the top of my head said, "Thanks dear it looks wonderful." Resting his hands on my shoulders only for a second.

I smiled up at him and with a bit of a flush feeling, my eyes quickly took in his hairy chest and beautiful nipples.

Erica says, "Hey where is my kiss?" Like she was deserving of half the credit or something.

I watched dad as he moved behind Erica and planted a little kiss on her head. That would have been fine But I saw him glance down the top of her bikini at her cleavage. I only for a second became jealous, wondering did he look at me like that. After all I was only a 32 C but wasn't I good enough to look at too? I thought maybe if I was taller like Erica or wasn't so thin I would look more like a woman.

Dad made his way around the table and finally sat down the conversation became rather silly. Something about an unknown two certain cows in the neighbor's yard. My dad always had a way of making things light and cheery. Even though I knew inside he was bothered about mom.

There I was almost desperate trying to gain my dad's attention it was roughly like I was not there as he looked more at Erica than me. I pulled the scrunchy out of my hair and played with my hair as I held my arms up I made sure my breasts bounced noticeably in front of me. I was upset as he never even looked other than a passing glance.

I didn't become angry with Erica steeling my dad's attention I was more hurt I was not good enough to hold his attention like she suddenly was.

Evening came and Erica went home. Dad and I were going to go out to dinner but as having been a lazy day neither of us felt like dressing up so he orders a pizza. I was quiet as we ate he kept asking questions like normal but I was rather short with my answers.

When we were done eating I got up cleaned the table with him and then he just stopped me and asked, "OK, what is up? And don't you tell me nothing, you have never been this quiet."

I looked at him from his feet to his head and feeling vulnerable I said, "Many things dad, but mainly right now I am not feeling to pretty." Dropping my head to look at the floor.

Dad took the plate from my hand and placed it on the counter then placed his arms around me holding me tight as my face nuzzled into his fuzzy chest. My arms went around him and I began to cry. His hand brushed my hair gently holding my head softly every so often. He said, "Of course you are beautiful." Planting several kisses onto my scalp. "Who could ever be as beautiful as you are inside and out?"

I was not thinking clearly as I managed to say, "Erica." Between sniffles.

Dad asked, "Why is there a young man who likes Erica that you like." He was so gentle and loving as my tears ran uncontrollably down his naked flesh.

I just shook my head no. I suddenly could feel his penis and balls as I held him tight pressed on my stomach. He wasn't aroused or anything, they were just there. I wondered and thought they must always have been there, but as I have hugged dad hundreds of times and never noticed until now. I tried to not dwell on the thought but still subconsciously I was feeling the size and place between his legs unknown to him. I would change my thoughts but like a Ying Yang every thing circled back to the presence of his penis only separated by the silk material.

We just held one another for about fifteen minutes until I could get a hold of my emotions. Then I looked up at him I bravely placed my hand on his face and caressed his cheek. My finger brushed across his mustache as his hazel eyes looked at me with love. The smile he gave me made me feel secure to say, "Why do you never look at me like you do Erica?" Dad's eyes rolled back fast, and then looked at me again hoping he didn't hear what I just said.

I said, "Do you think I am pretty or not? I saw you looking at her today."

Dad says, "Yes, you are more beautiful than Erica it was just uh,___uh."

My other hand was placed on his chest as his arms were still around my waist. Still reaching up I took in the jaw line of his chin. I decided to let him off the hook and said, "It is ok dad I know what you saw. I just really thought you might at least once look at me."

Dad was at a loss for words. I leaned up high on my tippy toes and kissed him on the lips. Nothing out of the ordinary but I lingered too long. I could feel the tickle of his mustache on my lip. Our lips never parted but I held the moment for what seemed an eternity.

Dad's hand spanked my bum breaking my hold, as I lifted away slowly I pulled at his lower lip with mine making it flap closed. I could feel a rise in his penis as my stomach fell close to his body again, as I lowered back down. I turned and picking up the plate I placed it in the dishwasher, bending over like my knees could not flex.

With my hair dropping in my face I turned to see dad in a trance like a dear in front of a truck at night. I smiled and said, "Thank you it's about time you notice I have an ass too." I could see he was plainly looking at my bottom covered in only the thin swimsuit.

Dad just stood there and with out notice his cock was beginning to tent out the swim suit he had on. Then like the wind he turned and saying, "I think I need to take a swim." Turned to the door left the house, and jumped the pool.

Nothing was mentioned for about two weeks Dad was quiet pretending nothing took place and I was letting it drop. Unlike Erica who was the princess of Horny-Ville. The little non existing town between her and my dad's legs. All she talked about when ever we had a minute alone was my dad. I never told her about my little kiss or the hug as that was my own secret she did not need to know.

I would like to be able to say exactly why, but every time. Every day Erica begins talking about my dad I get more and more possessive of him. Day after day she comes over after school and continues to distract his attention if even for a second as he passes the room. Like I said, it was two weeks later my dad was in the kitchen cleaning the dinner dishes. I was in my room cleaning. I placed on a light blue loose fitting tank top and had shorts on. As I picked up my pile of laundry my right breast fell out of the top crossing over and still covering my left. I was about to place the clothes down on the bed to fix my top before passing through the kitchen to the basement.

Instead I had this wicked rush come over me as I wanted to see if he would notice. I walked out to the kitchen with my arms full and my boob lying nonchalantly on the top of the pile. My hands were shaking I asked him to get the door for me, with a quiver in my voice.

Dad wiped the soapy water off his hands and turned, he was wearing a pair of old sweat pants with the legs cut off in a ragged edge and a white t-shirt. Dad's eyes immediately saw my boob. Then looked at my face in an awkward attempt to look else where, other than the breast. The door opened I dropped a bit of clothing onto the floor.

Dad bent down and picked it up trying to place it on the pile but not on my exposed breast as that would be to obvious. His hand came so close to my body, then he dropped the items on the top and just smiled. Ducking down I went under his arm holding the door and scampered down the stairs.

Dropping the clothes in the laundry pile I made way quickly to the basement bath room and looked in the mirror. My nipple was as erect as the size of a gummy bear. I cupped my breasts and they felt nice to have the attention of my hands holding them. I couldn't believe what I had just done. Shortly after I made my way up stairs and passed quickly through the kitchen back to my room.

I dropped my jean shorts to the floor and dressed only in the tank and a pair of turquoise nylon panties. I flopped on my stomach on the bed. My hands crept under my chest and held my breast firm. My legs made their way onto the bed as I was diagonal across the mattress. My head lay to the side as I faced my mirrored closet doors. I looked at my self as I contemplated what I had just done.

RE: Best Incest Sin Story of a Dad and Daughter - Incest - 31-07-2014 06:47 PM

I could hear dad calling my name, I just lay quietly for a moment until he said it again then I yelled, "What!" I didn't mean it to sound so rude but I was not moving.

Dad entered my room and asked kindly if I was feeling ok. I looked at him off the reflection of the mirror and said, "Yeah, My neck and shoulders are hurting so I took an aspirin and wanted to lie down for a moment." It was really no shock for him to see me in my underwear as it certainly was not the first time.

Dad says, "Oh ok well if you need anything just holler.' Then dad turns to leave the room.

I say, "Dad!"

"Yes," I hear his reply from the hall.

"Dad, do you think you could rub my neck a little? Please!"

Dad re-entered the room and moving around my bed sat on the edge near my head and was also facing the closet. His hands were so firm but gentle as he moved my hair to the side and placed one hand on my neck and the other at the base more on my shoulder. I told him how nice it felt and moaned little appreciations to his touch.

While he continued I asked, "Dad can we talk?"

Dad leaning down to kiss my head says, "Of course, we can talk about whatever you want." Then with a sudden reality he says, "I rather not talk about what happened a few weeks ago." Continuing with rubbing now moving up my neck to the base of my skull.

I say with a little laugh, "I am sorry about that dad. I was just a little jealous over the attention you seemed to be giving Erica."

Dad says, "Kay it is ok, but you have to know I love you in a slightly different way."

I reply, "I know"

Dad says, "What I find attractive about Erica does not make you any less attractive it is you're my little girl and it always has been that way."

"I know, it is just I am not so little now anymore Erica and I are both the same age, and it is not like I expect you to be really interested in me. But it would be sure nice if you paid me a compliment once in a while too."

Dad says, "You are the most beautiful girl a dad could ask for."

I was frustrated, "Not like that dad! You know like! _paused_ I don't know." Turning my head away from him facing my pillows.

Dad stopped rubbing my neck for a moment then with a trace of two fingers he drew imaginary lines up and down my spine as the shirt rippled his fingers thumped over the creases. Dad finally said, "Ok we can exchange nice replies to one another."

I laid there still in silence not yet happy with his reply or sure it was sincere.

After a moment I was in shock as I felt my dad's palm making almost non-touchable circular motions on my ass. I could feel the hand pass over the crevice as it made its way from cheek to cheek. Dad leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "You have an awesomely tight bum, bum is that what you want to hear?"

As his hand continued to make a light caress I swallowed hard and said, "That is better but I think men call them buns, dads call it a bum, bum." Lifting my head back up off the soft mattress.

Dad nodding his head says, "Ok fine you have nice buns." Stopping for a moment he squeezes one cheek then the other then says, "A very nice buns." Then dad moves his hand back to my shoulders.

I slid my hand to his bum with a pinch and say, "So do you dad." Then continue around to hug his waist as he hugs my shoulders. I laugh as I make note of the tent in his pants I say, "I guess you liked my buns more than I realized."

Dad takes a stuffed bear off the end of the bed and covers his crotch with it as he begins to ask, "Is your neck better?"

I smile and say, "Almost!"

He leans over and kisses my cheek and says, "Good night Kathleen." In a very sincere tone.

I frown a bit but don't persist to make him feel uncomfortable. As the door closes behind him I run my fingers down and upon feeling my panties they are soaked. I roll to the side and feel the comforter, it is wet as well. I ended my evening trying to clean up my wet spot. I knew then, my dad was not the only one excited by his prompted touch and words. After changing into a night shirt and dry panties which just happened to be a nice light blue, I climbed into bed and smiled with content as I fell asleep.

Morning came and I had slept in looking at the clock it was almost ten thirty. I drooped out of bed and made my way to the kitchen. Dad was up and reading the paper out on the deck with a cup of coffee dressed only in his swim trunks. It appeared he had already been for a swim. I made a bowl of cereal and joined him.

Dad said, "Good morning!" With a pleasant tone and a brief look past the paper at me.

"Morning dad."

Dad asks, "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes thanks. Mom isn't home yet?" I asked with little surprise.

Dad replied, "No not yet."

"I wonder where she could be?"

My dad looked at me with rolling eyes then continued his reading.

When I was done I walked over to the pool and dipped my toes in. Calling for my dad I said, "Hurry there is a frog stuck in the pool."

Dad came right over and with one knee down scooped the little guy in his hand and tossed him out. I thought it would be funny to push him. While he was off balance I gave a playful push. Reaching back he caught my hand as he tumbled over the edge, pulling me in right along with him. It was still funny just not what I had expected.

Dad laughed at me because even though I pushed him He was able to catch me before I escaped. After the splash fight subsided a bit I made my way to the steps and dripping all over the deck I laughed as I returned to my chair out of breath. Dad picking up his towel dried off a bit then tossing me the towel picked up his cup and asked if I wanted a coffee.

RE: Best Incest Sin Story of a Dad and Daughter - Incest - 31-07-2014 06:47 PM

I normally say no but just said, "Ok." It was a beautiful morning and I was feeling perfect just to sit in the sun.

Dad returned and placing the coffees on the table sat down. With a gesturing jeer he says, "You might want to use that towel to cover up a little." Using his eyes to make a statement about my nipples showing through the wet fabric.

I look back at him lifting my eyes to mimic his eye head motions.

Dad laughs at me and says, "I think you have perky nice nipples and they are wonderful to look at. However I do not think your mother will be so pleased to see them on display in my company." Taking a sip of his coffee to hide his grin.

I took the towel and folded it up nicely and placed it on the table. For a little more fire I twisted the hem of the shirt into a big knot and dropped it through the neck. I really should have removed it as now it felt like a wet dead weight around my neck. I smiled and said, "Well, Mom ain't home now is she? Since you don't mind this works for me. How about you?"

Dad laid the paper back down and looking around the edge of the table he saw I was wearing underwear and said with a shrug in his shoulder, "That's fine. Is this where I am supposed to make a compliment?"

I looked at him and with a mock sad face said, "Only if you want to?"

Dad stroked his chin for a moment and says, "That is a nice firm tummy you have there.'

Biting my lip I nod with approval then say, "Well thanks that is a nice chest you have there Mr. Ross." I wait as I know dad does not like me to refer to him by any other name other than dad.

Dad looks back and playing my game nods in the same manner as I, then says, "Thank you ma'am, Might I add from what I can see you seem to have a nice chest as well."

My heart was racing a mile a minute as my pussy began to drip from the comment my dad just said. I replied, "These little things?" I held my hand over my breasts I could feel the erect nipples. I felt like removing my shirt I lifted at the bottom of the fabric that covered my breasts. My dad like as if in a poker game watched intently to see if I was going to do anything with out giving a hint to whether or not he wanted me too.

Sitting back in the chair I watched him gaze at me specifically right where my boobies met the edge of the wet cloth. I raised one foot up on the chair which spread my legs nice his eyes never broke pace like a cat watching a string.

I bumped my hands up a little so the naked undersides of my boobs were in his sight. I looked right into his eyes with a giggle I asked, "Do you want me to?"

Dad said, "Want you to what?"

I said, "Don't play dumb, You know exactly what."

Dad says, "Don't you think the question is really do you want to?"

I silently nodded my head yes and lifted my shirt past my nipples. They ached from being so hard, my pussy was buzzing with a tingle. My eyes closed a little as I cupped my breasts. My warm hands never felt so good. I was not sure what was happening but suddenly I felt like I was going to piss myself I breathed a stuttered hard breath. With a tense shock wave I felt my self wetting myself in front of dad. I thought I was going to drip like pee but instead it just more so congealed up inside my panties.

Dad reached in his shorts and boldly adjusted him self. I thought I saw the tip of his penis as it came to the top of his shorts. I moved my shaking hand down to the outside of my soaked panties. I touched the slippery residue and the single tickle on my clit made me make an audible moan. I looked at my dad and out of breath said, "Dad, I'm horny." As I purposely rubbed the front of my panties now showing dad how wet they are from me and not the pool.

Dad was about to get up and move closer when we hear a car door close. I grabbed the towel and sprinted to my room. I looked out my window and saw dad was in the pool. I took a deep breath in relief.

Then I hear, "Hello!" it was my mother as she walked out on the deck talking to my dad like she was a gift to him from God.

I took off the shirt and with the panties still on I must have touched my self for over an hour. Each time was so intense. I began to wonder if my mother didn't come home right then. What dad was going to do?

My heart sank each time I thought of something else that made me think Oh my God I can't believe what just took place. Then I became all wet again.

My real reality set in when I was wondering if I should tell Erica, "Who's the fucking chicken shit now!" Oh god it was intense but even if I don't rub her face in it she is going to know something is up when dad is sniffing around me and not her.

RE: Best Incest Sin Story of a Dad and Daughter - Incest - 31-07-2014 06:48 PM

The days had passed and Dad and I pretended like nothing ever happened that morning. Mom was unaware of any strange behavior. Even though we pretended to be the same it was evident to me between the glances and smiles dad would give I had turned him on.

After a week had passed I had come to the belief it was a fluke moment between us and things were almost back to normal. Friday night came and as predictable as can be Mom was on her way out the door. Things were pretty silent as Dad and I finished dinner and settled in for the night. My boyfriend was being a jerk so I was not going out. I rather mope around the house. Not feeling so bold I went to my room clicked on the TV and getting comfortable for bed. Taking a quick shower, I placed on a night shirt and a pair of light yellow full bottom panties. Then I settled on my bed for the evening as I watched TV.

Around ten o’clock Dad poked his head in the door wearing boxer shorts, to say good night. I asked him if every thing was alright maintaining his attention for another minute. He came in and sat beside me. I leaned over and hugged him as he planted a kiss on my head. He was about to get up when I asked, “Dad you know how you always say we can talk about anything?”

Dad held me and says, “Anything you need to talk about I am here for you.”

I know I surprised him by asking, “Why do you stay with mom when you know she is off every weekend with some guy? You do know that is what she is doing?” I think he thought I was going to ask a boyfriend question.

Dad took his time being silent before saying, “I know she is with other men.” Then dad became silent again.

I looked up at him moving about a little and said, “I don’t understand. If you know, then why when she comes home you act like nothing happens and every thing is great!”

Dad replied with some stuff and basically danced all around my question with out answering it. I grabbed his hand holding it in my own upon my bare leg and said, “Dad I want to know you said you would always be honest with me. This bothers me because I do not understand why mom is out right now doing something with another guy and you seem to be ok with it?”

Dad started to explain this whole bunch of garbage and I interrupted him saying, “Daaad, just answer me!”

Dad then took a deep breath and says, “Yes your mother is with other men, but I enjoy it.”

I was dumbfound and had to ask, “Enjoy it? How do you enjoy it?” Now sitting Indian style I rotated toward him as to listen intently.

Dad thought for a moment then trying to relate he said, “Let’s say you and your boy friend are having sex.” I nodded, “Then let’s suppose he says to you he wants you to have sex with his buddy.” I look at him strange. He says, “Of course a buddy that you have always wanted secretly. Would that get you excited?”

I think about that for a bit and then saying, “Yea I suppose so but what did it do for my boyfriend?”

Dad says, “Well seeing you in that wanting state is a real turn on, and to give you something you really want is a turn on. Not to mention the sex after is very hot because of your aroused state. You see?”

I look at dad and still not sure what he is saying is the truth. I question him, “So what about you while mom is out doing her thing what do you do?”

Dad nervous laughed a bit then replied, “I do what men all around the world do.” Making a jerking motion with his hand.

I said, “I guess if you say so, it just does not seem to make sense to me. Why would you not be with other woman having sex, if mom is with other men?”

Dad says reaching around holding me tight, “Because_____, I don’t know why honestly. I like my time I spend with your mom and I never thought about being with another woman. And this conversation has reached the end my young inquisitive one. Good night.”

Dad moved to get up, but I held his hand firm to my leg. With a pouting look I asked, “Can I ask one more thing before you go?” There I sat fluttering my eyes and a begging look on my face.

Dad moved so he was facing me and one leg under his bum and the other hung off the edge of the bed. I smiled from ear to ear as I knew that was a yes. I looked at his boxers only for a second and I think his eyes caught me. But I couldn’t help glancing down at his groin the image of his penis was just visible as the thin silky material pressed firmly against it. The out line of the curled limp shaft and the bulbous head made me want to look more.

I cleared my throat and gulped hard then said, “The other day you know when we were outside?” I dropped my look to the bed, but now I was looking right at his dick. I became flush with a rush of cold and scared.

Dad gave a long Yeah as to wonder what my question was. I looked up at him and began to ask, “If mom didn’t come home.” I could feel myself becoming sexually excited in my fear but I had to know. I fought for ways to ask and then continued, “And you were watching me, how far would you have let it go?” I could now see the slight pulse in his dick as his hand lifted my chin to look at him.

Dad smiled at me and with a deep inhale and then breathing out just said, “Hun it was a moment I wouldn’t have let you really do any thing even though you looked so cute all aroused. I figured I would just let you play out your fantasy a little.”

I gave him a sarcastic smile of doubt before saying, “Well you were just as aroused as I was, or does your penis always poke out the top of your trunks? Don’t make it out like it was just me. Or were you just so horny because mom would be home from her night of getting laid?” Then I tossed my legs out and rolled onto my side facing away from him. I was angry at his denial and he knew it.

I felt his hand on my shoulder. I gave a shrug and rolled onto my stomach with my head quickly placed under the pillows. Again I felt his hand on my back as it rubbed down my spine about half way then I could feel the warmth of his hand on my skin. I knew my shirt must have lifted when I tossed, but I didn’t care. His warm hand stopped at the top of my panties and rubbed back up this time remaining on my skin under my shirt. When he reached my shoulders he gave a squeeze then repeated the motion.

I could hear as dad confessed to being a bit aroused and apologized for being inconsiderate to me. Explaining it was not something he thought was appropriate and was not ready to admit to me out of fear.

I lifted my head with a frowning look then as his hand reached my neck and squeezed again. I asked with a plea, “Could you rub my neck and shoulders a little? That feels so good please.”

Dad knew he had just been suckered into a giving a back rub out of guilt as he gave a light groan. Then said, “Fine, but I need to go to the bathroom first give me a second.” With that he exited the room.

I Lifted the back of my shirt so it was over my head, but the front still covered my breasts. I placed my face back between the two pillows and waited.

I felt the bed shift a bit as dad climbed on. At first he knelt at my side and began to rub my shoulders and neck. I gave out a groan as it was almost painful his hard grasp of my muscles.

As time passed he rubbed my arms and then as he began to knead his way down my back I felt his leg straddle me. He was seated just below my ass across my legs. I waited as his hand worked their way down my back at a slow steady pace. When he began rubbing my ass cheeks I was so relaxed I just laid there and felt his fingers digging into my bum. He was really good and soon moved down my legs then to my feet.

One at a time he lifted my feet and rubbed them intently while he did this I could almost feel him parting my legs ever so slightly. I became flush wondering just how wet I had become earlier? I wondered if he could tell. I knew if he saw between my legs the yellow would not be the same light yellow. I froze for a second, and then thought I should stop him.

Just at that moment dad put my second foot down and began to move at the same pace back up my legs. This time however he was kneeling down between my legs. I waited quietly as his hands made their way to my inner thigh. With in seconds his hands were on the bottom most part of my ass. He spread my ass continuing the massage. I realized quickly his fingers were in the underside of my panties as they felt my bare skin of my bum.

Then like I never expected I felt his two thumbs with the aid of his hands on my cheeks Knead in between my legs. I knew the thumbs were placed right between my pussy and ass. This felt so intense; I lifted my head up quickly and looked over my shoulder at him. His hands froze in position. I could feel myself drip. With out a word I laid back down. He remained paused for a moment.

Then I felt his thumbs making little motionless circles. His fingers kept my cheeks spread as his thumbs slowly danced lower. When they reached my exceptionally wet lips I wanted to say “Ok dad that is far enough!” Instead I remained quiet becoming more aroused by the second. The feeling made me think it was my boyfriend touching me and I was getting caught up in the moment. The skilful gentle touch kept reminding me it was my dad making me drip with horny anticipation.

I wanted to reach down and rub my clit so hard. Instead I clenched my fingers into the bed under the pillow. I felt his hand as it cupped my crotch slide over my pussy so his palm rested over my pussy. Only then did I realize just how wet I was. I then felt his hand rubbing me openly. I was lost in the moment. I lifted my hips up to give him a better access. Like the wind he took the opportunity to remove my panties.